Business Intelligence

SAIS’s Business Intelligence practice provides proven services to help you adapt faster to changing market conditions by maximizing your use of available resources. SAIS offers complete end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. SAIS’s experienced team has the technical know-how to design data warehouses for both large and small businesses. Our record in providing business intelligence and data analytics attests to our skills. We use the latest technologies as well as our experienced solution architects, engineers, and implementation specialists and our emphasis on quality to deliver business intelligence solutions that are tailored to our client’s business needs. We also provide industry-specific frameworks for effective management of business intelligence. In short, our solutions provide the decision makers with actionable information in all areas of the organization: customer relationships, marketing, sales, product response, and finance.

Data Warehousing: We offer complete range of products for building, maintaining, and enhancement of data warehouses. We provide clients with world-class solutions, using the latest technologies, that collect, organize, and analyze an organization’s data (even if residing in disparate systems) to create and deliver information required for making tactical and strategic decisions. SAIS is skilled in helping enterprises transform data into decision support enablers. We perform detailed analyses and present intelligent reports that enable management to make better decisions. This is accomplished by blending of the skills of professionals from domains ranging from data acquisition, data modeling, meta- data repository, data management, data mining, and OLAP. We deliver end-to-end solutions in core data management areas, and have successfully implemented major modules of business intelligence and data warehousing.

Data Migration: We offer tailored solutions to both small and medium sized businesses. These can range from fully integrated business and manufacturing systems to small standalone applications. SAIS assists clients in migrating data from different storage devices and formats, and from legacy applications, to modern database systems. SAIS has extensive experience in database management and data migration tools. In this process we take into account: the system data is to be migrated from, the volume of data to be migrated, how many interfaces are involved, and how much data cleansing is necessary. Our objective is to produce the best quality data while utilizing available resources efficiently. Our phased approach to migration services includes:

  • IT infrastructure assessment
  • Technology evaluation
  • Resource and skills planning
  • Security consideration and planning
  • Test and deployment
  • Client approval
  • User training

Data Mining: We are experienced in sifting large amounts of data for relevant information. Our solution enables companies to reduce fraud, anticipate resource demand, increases customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention, control customer attrition, and identify selling and cross selling opportunities. Our data mining process consists of the following three stages:

  • Exploration: cleaning data, data transformations, selecting subsets of records and if there are a large numbers of variables (“fields”), performing preliminary feature selection operations to bring the number of variables into a manageable range
  • Model building and validation: choosing the best model based on its predictive performance; different models are applied to the same data set and then compared to select the best
  • Deployment: applying the selected model to new data to generate predictions or estimates of the expected outcome

Data Cleansing: Through a combination of process, people, and technology we provide comprehensive, customized solutions that deliver both strategic and tactical benefits quickly and economically. We do this by using our years of experience in knowledge discovery and data management. SAIS manages the entire process of data cleansing services. Our process is robust enough to handle even the most difficult of situations. We address straightforward data transformations, and can also provide insights and architectures for sound data creation. SAIS's resources are skilled and trained in: content expertise, vertical industries, and technology platforms.

SAIS’s Areas of Specialization

  • Data Warehousing: Teradata V2R5, IBM DB2, Oracle 9i
  • Server Technology: MicroStrategy Narrowcast, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
  • Hyperion, Informatica, Ab-Initio, Datastage, PL/SQL