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Reducing Costs and Increasing Business Efficiency
with Robotic Process Automation Services
Reduce Timelines & Quicker Paybacks
across your value chain using RPA

At SAIS Solutions, we help organizations to integrate technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence with RPA to transform the entire business ecosystem.

Reduce the presence of repetitive and manual activities

Systematize time-consuming, manual activities by developing bots that support error-free, scalable tasks and help you focus on high-value processes.

Make customers happier with a better experience

Bring a new level of operational speed and efficiency to respond to customer needs proactively and augment resources to address more high-value tasks.

Reinvent processes and improve continuously

Cut across organisational barriers while driving optimal process models for maximum efficiency and taking advantage of intelligent bots to make more intelligent decisions.

Our Services

Business Readiness Analysis for RPA

Process Assessment, Scope & Compatibility, Feasibility Study Report, Effort & Benefit Estimation.

RPA Business Case Discovery

Business Case Discovery, High level as-is and to-be maps, Technology agnostic views & recommendations, Cost & Effort Break-downs.

RPA Proof of Concept

Shortlist POC Process, Identify suitable RPA platform, Reference Architecture, Pilot Project Execution.

RPA Implementation

Process Definition Documents (PDD), Solution Design Documents (SDD), BOTs design, testing and deployment, 
Release Notes.

Customized RPA Solutions

Bespoke RPA bot development, Integration of RPA with AI/ML, End-to-end delivery (On-Premise and Cloud), Chatbots.

Infrastructure, Governance and Security, 24×7 Support, Change Management, Process Improvement & Optimization.


Intelligent RPA ensures that all operations across front office, middle office, back office and IT operations are done at faster speed and at reduced cost which can help increase top line and bottom line of the company significantly.


Our Process


  • Patient Management
  • Claims Underwriting and Processing
  • Medical billing and Processing
  • Insurance Eligibility Qualification
  • Advanced (eTMF) Management
  • Pharmacy Stock Management
  • Reports Automation
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Reduce Compliance Risk
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Conversational IVR for human like response
  • Validating Meter Reading
  • New Account Setup
  • Customer Records Management
  • Billing & Settlements
  • Complaints Management
  • Simplifying Customer Transfer
  • Misread Data Modification
  • Invoice Statement Generation
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Conversational IVR for human like response
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Payments
  • Communication between Manufacturers, Suppliers, Third Party Logistics, and Customers
  • Product Data and Catalogue Management
  • Product Merchandizing
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Conversational IVR for human like response
  • Logistics Automation
  • Invoice Generation and Validation
  • ERP Business workflow automation
  • Dynamic Product price comparisons
  • Precise Auditing
  • Negligible BOM errors
  • Quick Data Migration Process
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Payroll and HR Efficiencies
  • Automation in Logistics Data
  • Tax Management
  • Credit Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Contract Management
  • Mortgage processing
  • Credit card & Loan processing
  • Fraud Detection
  • KYC process
  • Report Automation
  • Account Management
  • Customer service
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Conversational IVR for human like response

Tools & Technologies

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